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    The moral of the story is....

    So I'm pleased to announce my team of extremely talented and capable people have produced a video game we feel the public will really enjoy. Blood, sweat and tears. Thousands of man hours. Millions of dollars. But it's all come together in this package that we have full faith in. Thank you all for the encouragement and kind words leading up to this day. We are all so happy we've come this far.

    What was that Jimmy? You didn't like the driving? Huh, it tested fine on our end. Ok well, we'll take your opinions to heart and go back to the drawing board on this one. Thanks Jimmy, again we really want this game to be perfect in every way. Ok Jimmy here are the updates. You like it? Awesome!

    But Dan the shooting mechanics are on par with other games in the genre. You don't think the recoil accurately reflects real life? Alright, lets take that feedback away and fix it up real quick. The team doesn't want to leave your opinion out in the cold bud!

    Gunplay is perfect now and Dan agrees, phew. I was worried that would hold us back. Wait who did? Sandy? She thinks the AI is lacking? We have millions of lines of code adding in place that distinguishes AI at an individual basis across thousands of AI in the world accounting for the most realistic feel we can provide though. Sigh, alright. Lets see how we can beef that up. I mean, I guess I agree...theres probably more we can do.

    I know Mark, I know. But in order to fit in all the dynamic events, AI, natural day and night segments...we had to tone down the fps on the game to keep the experience smooth or you'd notice...yes Mark, the customer is always right. Ok we'll go back and try to fix the frames. Just know that we might have to drop something else...we can't? Alright Mark we'll try and keep everything AND make it 60fps. Going to have to delay the release though...yes I know it sucks Mark but it'll need to happen, sorry.

    What do you mean Frank doesn't like the driving? But Jimmy just gave us the thumbs up!!

    The moral of the story can't please everyone.

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    You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time

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    I dream to one day create a vision that will move people and bring them to tears, even if its just a single solitary person.

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