Fixes the save data upload issue, not a great deal else with it only being a minor update.

Sony Computer entertainment just made the 1.71 update for the PS4 available for download. Itís a 194 MB package and you can access it .
The patch notes are quite simple:

"System software stability during use of some features has been improved."

Thatís pretty much it, but while the patch notes definitely lack detail, a couple major bugs have been solved with the update.
The issue that deactivated the DualShock 4′s vibration every time the console was turned off (or put in stand-by mode) has now been solved, and the controller will vibrate with no issue from the get go if you have the feature activated in the settings.

In addition to that, the problem with uploading save games to the cloud for PlayStation Plus users (which brought up the message ďSaved data with the same name was uploaded from another PS4″) has been worked out as well. Now the PS4 will manage to upload save games to the cloud without requiring the user to manually overwrite previous saves.

While itís definitely not a big update, it removes some quite annoying issues, so whatís not to love?

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