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    Top 5 Sony PlayStation E3 2014 moments
    Finally, we’ve had a short break following a flood of E3 2014 news and we’ve now had time to properly digest Sony Computer Entertainment’s press briefing at E3 2014. From PlayStation TV and PlayStation Now announcements to the flood of game trailers and exclusive games, there was a lot to take in, but now the dust has settled we’ve decided on our definitive top five announcements.
    See below for the announcements that really got our juices flowing.
    - - - - - -
    1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End revealed
    Okay, so Sony held a lot back about the next episode in the blockbuster Uncharted series, especially considering it’s due for release only next year. But what we did see we loved. Though we didn’t expect anything less from Naughty Dog, the trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End featured in-game PS4 footage that looked incredible with a highly-detailed environment and stunning facial animation. There’s not much to go on in terms of gameplay in the trailer but it’s reassuring to see that hard-as-nails fortune hunter Nathan Drake will still take the starring role, alongside his mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan for what will apparently be “one last time.”

    2. BloodBorne revealed as From Software’s PlayStation exclusive
    When Dark Souls creator From Software announces a new game, you’d be mad to not sit up and take notice. BloodBorne, formerly known as Project Beast, looks like it takes huge inspiration from the Souls games with a gothic, moody setting and a range of unfathomable beasts. Like Uncharted 4, there’s not a lot to go on in terms of gameplay.
    The Bloodborne trailer was accompanied with the tagline ‘Face Your Fears,’ suggesting that From Software once again plans to try and scare the living daylights out of us with a range of anxiety-driven encounters and freaks of nature – just check out that horrible skinless dog! Furthermore, it’s a PlayStation exclusive!

    3. PS Vita TV coming soon, U.K. and Europe confirmed
    The announcement that PS Vita TV will launch this Fall was made all the more sweet by confirmation that it will also be coming to Europe and the U.K. with a slight name change of PlayStation TV. With a price of $99 it also seems like a good deal with owners being able to use the standalone system to download and play select PlayStation games from a huge back catalogue of titles on PlayStation Now. There’s an attractive bundle on offer too, with PS Vita TV, a DualShock 3, an 8GB memory card, a HDMI cable, and a voucher for The LEGO Movie Videogame all thrown in for $139.99.
    4. Destiny looks amazing and PS4 gamers to get to play if first
    The more we see of Destiny the more excited we become to get our hands on it, so the revelation that PS4 owners can register for access to an Alpha test before it’s opened up to more gamers in the beta phase was good news indeed. While the beta launches on July 17, PS4 owners have the chance to play the game for three days between June 12-15.
    The new E3 2014 trailer was also great to watch, while the PS4 Destiny bundle complete with a sexy-looking white console was a very pleasant surprise.

    5. No Man’s Sky, incredible-looking indie title
    Sony’s press conference was filled with games that showcased the graphical prowess of the PS4, with one of the most eye-catching trailers being No Man’s Sky thanks to its incredible use of colour and inviting environment. The open-world is just begging to be explored, and with cool space combat and funky looking dinosaur-like creatures, this procedurally-generated universe just goes to show that you don’t have to be a big triple-A developer to make an impact.

    Worthy of a mention: GTA V PS4 reveal, The Order 1886 footage, MGS: The Phantom Pain, Far Cry 4 footage.
    Stay tuned to for all the latest news and opinions from this year’s E3 with our E3 2014 hub.

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    Wasn't excited at all for destiny..looked meh...

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    No Man's Sky looked GORGEOUS.

    While I desperately want Destiny, the trailer didnt really get me pumped for it at all. Too bad MS had The Division at their conference. THAT had me drooling.

    Bloodbourne looks good but I wish they showed some gameplay.

    I am pumped for the PlayStation TV tho. Wish the bundle came with a DS4 and not a DS3 tho. Is it compatible with the DS4?

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    Playstation Tv is the only thing on that list I'm not excited for. It's a cool device but I have no use for it. Everything else I can't wait to play.

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    You forgot Grim Fandango!! That came out of nowhere!!

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    Out of that list, only Bloodborne interested me lol

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    Playstation TV has been my highlight so far, closely followed by Youtube coming to PS4 and Far Cry 4, think that game looks AMAZING!!!
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    No Man's Sky sold me on getting a PS4

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    If you change that top 5 so that it's not in any particular order and change Destiny part for Grim Fandango, then I agree.
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