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    Should I Get A Vita?

    I've got some spare money coming (Enough for a vita or something of similar price, not for something like a gaming rig or something.) And I was wondering if people would recommend I pick one up.

    - I like JRPGs.
    - I'm really interested in playing those PS1 classics.
    - Indies are fun.
    - PSNow.
    - Remote Play.
    - I am a PS+ Member already.

    -Even though I like JRPG's and Indies, those can't be it.
    -Pricey memory card.
    -No more AAA support for Sony.
    -No more support in general from Sony.
    -I already have a 3DS and an extensive library for it.
    -Bad PS2 ports

    If you do recommend a Vita, which model?
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