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    i'll be beating it for free.

    Quote Originally Posted by rene2kx View Post
    I've said it before, the game is looking visually slick but those visuals come at the expense of closed world racing tracks and thirty frames per second , the latter of which is unacceptable to me in a racing game in this day and age. I really hope they make the next motorstorm at 60 fps.
    if it was going to matter in gameplay, they would've done it. they decided to go for the looks. it's not a sim game. it doesn't need that much precision. it doesn't need 60fps. it would've been nice to have that while having the visuals.

    and this game doesn't need to be an open world...just like all circuit project cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
    I've heard that going to a nascar race is a blast. Of course, that is usually from folks who take a big truck or RV and drink beer in the infield the whole time. $#@!.....lots of boring things are fun once you introduce beer.
    The crowds have definitely changed over the 30yrs or so that I've been going to NASCAR races. I'd say that was an adequate description of a large percentage back in the 80's. But that's dramatically changed. Not saying there isn't still a group that falls into that, but it's more upper middle class and a very low percentage of inebriated individuals.

    Hell there were more drunk Frenchmen at the Monaco Grand Prix that I was at a few years back (happened to be in Nice, Fr on a business trip - paid $80 to climb up a mountain that had a view coming out of the tunnel.) More than one had a nasty fall/slide trying to get back down the hill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshboymick View Post
    What's wrong with a closed world? Not everything has to be open world.
    There isn't anything "wrong" with it, i can still enjoy a closed world racer done right, have done in the past, just that preferentially i'd have open world given the choice between the two.

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    speaking of open world racers, i hope rockstar is developing another midnight club game. MC:LA was the best open world game last gen.

    i want to be able to sculpt the rims (concave all day), apply tints to tail and headlights or even paint the inside of my headlight. paint the engine bay, change the grills to aftermarket ones, drill and slotted rotors....

    i hope drive club has the C7 on the car rosters, i also hope they add the 2015 Cadillac CTS-V model

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
    Exactly. Open world racing doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather navigate to a race using the UI than have to drive there.
    Yep, the last Burnout game tried it and it was no way near as fun as the previous entries.
    (That and taking crash mode away kinda killed it for me)

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    I'm still really impressed with the visuals. It's kind of hard to imagine a new Gran Turismo looking better.
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