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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuuichi View Post
    I think what he meant was there are people who voted for him on race alone and know nothing of his promises or what he has done/Not done and still don't, not,Obama himself
    that applies to all voters who voted for anyone since Lincoln. starting from Lincoln. maybe before too but from what i've gathered. [edit: i don't mean that white people have been voting for white presidents because of race alone, not that it can't ever happen, it's just that white peeps aren't in a situation where they'd need to or be exploited into doing so]

    how obama received votes was an exploitation of minorities. a promise to give them something on account of others...oh hey, that sounds like a perfect plan to bring about more divide that is deeply rooted...and a great way to keep both sides follow their leaders blindly.

    the problem started with the federal govt. and the people/corporations becoming too large for anyone's overall good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Koloss View Post
    I never said HE doesn't know what he is doing. I was referring to the people who voted for him. Not saying ALL the people who voted for him, but a good percentage of low information voters.

    He does know exactly what he is doing. Refer to my post regarding the health insurance premiums increasing at my place of employment. That's EXACTLY what he is doing and has caused.

    Or do we just want to forget about that like we forgot about drone strikes in the middle east killing children and women, drones in America, BENGHAZI, fast and furious activity, immigration issues, increasing taxes, constitution destruction, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    But I'm a racist so what does facts have to do with anything?

    oh i think it's a much larger percentage but we're still not on the same page yet
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