That's how much it costs other manufacturers to make their phones as well. You're not making legitimate points ... you're just displaying a personal bias. The parts in Apple's phones also come from Samsung and several other manufacturers, not just Apple.

Since we're on the "how much does it actually cost to build?" thing, here's the Galaxy S5:

It's really no different than any other company. They're businesses first and foremost ... and they're in it for profit, plain and simple.

Again... the phone is the same cost as other phones in its competing range. Whether you find value in their phone or not is irrelevant. iPhones aren't for morons, Android phones aren't for morons... they're just phones and they cater to different tastes. And usually when people buy phones it's when they have an upgrade and the phone is only 200-300 bucks anyway, at least here in the US.

Anyway, let's get back to headphones, please.