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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsh View Post
    I know why - media hyperbole.

    I'm sure many people tell you "you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers or listen to on the news". Too many distorted facts and making things bigger than they really are. In this case the media distorted the true meaning of AAA and blew it out of proportion so much that it has made the term "AAA" 100% confusing to everyone outside of the media.
    yeah.....I really have no idea what it means anymore. Way back was about review scores. AAA = 90+ review score. Now it is a muddy mess about financial resources dedicated to a project or something? Hell if I know.

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    Actually it has and always has meant production values, but the media back then misunderstood the meaning because a lot of the big games companies said "the next best AAA game is going to be" without ever telling them what "AAA" meant, they thought it meant "top tier game" when it didn't and ever since it has been a complete and utter mess.

    In a way you can blame it on the games companies that mislead the media, but even now with the true term starting to now mean what it should do in the media as it does with the companies, a lot of media still don't seem to grasp the actual meaning for some reason. It has got better nowadays though at least.

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    basically AAA stands for all star. you know, supposed to be excellent but don't mean it always is.

    because the criteria is based on superficial things.

    it's like saying, this woman must be hot: 5'10", skinny, tan, ditz, spends a lot on clothes/makeup etc.

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