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    Grandmother buys old building in Japan, finds 55 classic arcade cabinets


    If you wanted to experience arcade games any time over the last four decades then you had to visit Japan. The game centers are still there and still impressive, but you have to go back a decade or two to see them at their best. And one very lucky arcade fan is experiencing just that right now due to a surprise purchase by his girlfriendís grandmother.
    The grandmother agreed to purchase an old building in Chiba, which is just outside of Tokyo. When they arrived to check out the contents of the building it was discovered that the first two floors used to be a game center in the 1980s. Whoever ran it left all the cabinets behind when it closed, and it is full of classic and now highly desirable games.

    In total there are 55 arcade cabinets, most of which are the upright Aero Cities cabinets, but itís the game boards that they contain thatís the most exciting discovery. The list of game includes the following:

    • Columns
    • Donkey Kong
    • Galaxian
    • Magical Tetris Challenge
    • Metal Slug X
    • Pengo
    • Raiden 2
    • Super Puzzle Fighters 2 X
    • Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition
    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Zero 2)
    • Street Fighter EX 2

    Thereís sure to be more games discovered as not all of the cabinets are in working order, with monitor damage being the main fault.
    Posting on the Arcade Otaku forums, user keisuke999 has said he plans to ship a lot of the game boards, and maybe even the cabinets to the US and is willing to take preorders. Iím sure even the change machines you see in a few of the images are worth something. The full gallery of 167 images is definitely worth checking out.

    Come find me on!

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    Donkey Kong
    Metal Slug

    Love those games!
    Lucky to have found those.. Let someone fix those and your value flies up I think.. :')

    Check out my collection here!
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