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    Ori E3 Gameplay/dev interview etc. Metroidvania this Fall on Xbox ONE.

    4 years in the making....

    Ori and the Blind Forest, the upcoming Xbox One and Windows PC release from independent game developer Moon Studios, will run at 1080p and 60fps, game director Thomas Mahler told Polygon.

    Mahler describes the game, which is the first title to come from the studio, as a coming-of-age tale about a forest spirit on a journey following a loss. According to the developer, the team spent a large portion of its four years of secretive developing honing the gameplay, which he likens to Super Meat Boy and Metroidvania games in terms of how controls are pushed to the limit.

    Likewise, the game will feature continual content streaming with no load times throughout its full 10 hours of content.

    "Modern games have sort of accepted the idea of loading bars in games, or they'll just try to hide the fact that they have a loading bar," Mahler told us, describing how the studio is working against the current development trends of modern studios which focus more on superficial design rather than core gameplay features.

    "With a lot of modern games I get frustrated," he went on. "Especially when you look at old games like Mega Man which have more precise controls than some modern games."

    Ori and the Blind Forest also joins Microsoft's growing roster of games that will not implement Kinect despite launching on Xbox One.
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