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    Your favourite Remote Play experience so far?

    Just thought I'd start a thread to see which game or games you guys have had the most enjoyment out of Remote Play so far? I've found that I tend to play aspects of the game differently when using remote play in case if I miss something on the smaller screen, such as Watch_Dogs and infamous. I more often than not found myself clearing some side missions or fixer contracts rather than continuing with the main story as I wanted to see the main part of the game in it's full glory on the large screen. That however, hasn't dampened the experience of remote play at all and it's a nice feature knowing I am still making progress to the 100%.

    I've tried afew, NFS, CoD Ghosts, BF4, Killzone, Watch_Dogs, Resogun and inFamous.

    NFS and CoD Ghosts worked really well, even online was a blast. I find the thumbsticks on the Vita fine for FPS games after playing Killzone Mercenary so much so took to CoD pretty well.

    BF4 and Killzone again were both good on and offline, BF4 was more difficult due to the 64 player maps so sometimes I struggled to get the cross hair over an enemy in the distance but up close there was no issue. The thing I like about both of these with remote play is you do not have to be a one man army/all rambo to help the team in an objective based game mode. So even if you are struggling to aim you can still have a positive effect on the game buy capturing points whether it be in Conquest or a Warzone. I completed both single player game modes firstly on the PS4 and then went back through them for the intels and weapon pickups using remote play. Having already experienced the campaigns I new what to expect and had already gotten the best experience out of them modes so knew I wouldn't be missing anything on the smaller screen.

    Resogun, hmm. Not really a game that captivated me so haven't given it much chance via remote play but from what I did play it worked well and even with the fast paced nature of the game the controls were really responsive and if I enjoyed it, wouldn't have no problem playing this through remote play.

    That brings me on to the next subject of the control schemes for the Vita.
    I've mentioned how I played KZ Mercenary a lot and I'm in general a heavy Vita user so I can adapt to the remote play control schemes relatively quickly and easily. I'm used to games that have the split back touch pad and front touch screen for various other commands. How is everyone else finding it?

    I'd say the most complex control scheme has been Watch_Dogs but once remembering which touch point does what it has since become my favourite game to remote play. The shoulder buttons are aim and shoot (as most shooters), holding the rear left side brings up your weapon wheel, the right side activating your secondary fire whether it be a blackout, jam comms or grenade throw. The front touch screen I believe is split into 4 segments if my memory is right, bottom right is load the map (DS4 touchpad), top right is 'focus' (R3) and the car horn is on the left side (L3). It was a little tricky at first, sometimes I'd end up throwing a grenade at my feet when I'm trying to focus as well as mixing up some other commands also hence why I only started off doing fixer contracts and other side missions.

    Like I say though, once I'd got sorted with the control scheme I've been having an absolute blast with Watch_Dogs via remote play and on the small screen it looks magnificent. I new I'd be using remote play when I first heard about it, I just didn't realise how much.

    Here's some shots I took on my mobile while playing Watch_Dogs via remote play, the quality suffers from taking a photo of the screen with my mobile as the screenshot mode of the vita is disabled during remote play, the clarity on screen is superb.

    I know there's a fair amount of people crying out for more Western PS Vita only titles (myself included) but I've come to the point now that we are where we are and it's time to make the most of what we've got with the Vita and if remote play is one of them features going forward then so be it.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, didn't realise I'd written quite so much What's been your experience of remote play so far and if you've had success in getting connected and a stable connection, what game have you been impressed with most?
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    When the PS4 first came out i enjoyed playing AC4 from work on slow days with virtually no lag or issues at all. Now a few updates later I can nolonger play over our wifi anymore without it disconnecting every 30seconds-1min.

    Ill occasionally use remote play at home to play dont starve if my other half is watching something on tv I couldnt care less about. That's about it.
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    Must say that remote play looks promising!

    I'll be getting a PS4 tomorrow! (yay, can say tomorrow, as it's 12:37 am here.. xD)
    And my first game will be TLOU, hopefully it's going to be awesome on Vita as well

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    Remote play works best on racing games for me, playing MotoGP 14 on it is really fun and not had any lag or connection problems with it either! Not too keen on playing much else on it, did try AC4 and although it worked it wasn't easy so run and jump sometimes! Looking forward to trying out TLOU Remastered on it though at the end of the week! All in all I still think that Sony have done a excellent job with it and would recommend it to anyone!
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