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    Sony comments on Playstation 4's success

    BY CASSIDEE MOSERIn a recent interview with, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan discussed the success of the PlayStation 4, and what he meant when he said the company would not be "complacent."

    "In some ways, all that feeding frenzy last year [over new console releases] was interesting - probably great for [the press] - but I think, and I hope, that it has run its course now," he explained. "We're just getting on with doing our thing. We haven't really changed course at all. We've got plans, and we're confident about them. Some of that was laid out last night, other stuff will follow in due course. We'll just get on with it."

    After announcing that 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold since its November 2013 launch, Ryan admits that the rocky start of the PlayStation 3 was a big motivator to get things right in the new generation. "Yeah, we made so many mistakes last time round that I won't list them now. But we did list them, and we vowed to rectify them. By and large, I think we've done that."

    The Sony executive also cited the wide variety of games available on the console as a great way to reach a bigger and more diverse audience. "...what you saw a bit of last night [during the Gamescom conference] was the first signs of us starting to think about different audiences. Some of the games last night were 2015, possibly even beyond, where we're going to be looking at something a little bit broader, a little more mass. Those two things meant you had a range of types of developer activity, but also looking at slightly different audience profiles. You've got Bloodborne at one end of it, Tearaway at the other."

    "I kind of get...frustrated is perhaps too strong a word, but you hear, 'Where are the games for PlayStation 4?' and there are more than there have ever been at this stage on any new console platform," he said of the number of games available on Sony's new platform. "But I think 2015 is going to be great from that perspective. Starting with Destiny, it'll really begin to take off."

    Glad Sony isn't going to show any complacency. Keep it coming!!

    P.s. My first post, please forgive me for any mistakes.

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    PlayStation 4 focused on the right stuff at the right time. 1080P/60fps target preformance with streaming game play and screen shots aka photo mode, very big deal! dedicated hardware helps with this. Gamers have gotten what they always wanted in the DualShock 4 and more, Its a beast for playing PC games too!

    PS4 has had an almost fault less introduction hitting gamers needs for 2014 in an affordable price.
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    It's great to see Sony got it right this time and realized their mistakes from the PS3 so they never end up repeating them! It's also nice to hear that they have no plans at getting complacent and know they need to keep updating and going forward to keep the momentum for the console going!
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    I don't know about any past mistakes with the PS3 because I was on xbox360 but so far i'm loving my PS4.

    Played around with streaming to Twitch last night and been playing a plenty with the Share features, really liking the connectivity to other services Twitter, Twitch etc. Been a long time coming i guess but it really does have that 'next-gen' feel for me, so much more to console gaming nowadays. Never really had much of a finger on the pulse for latest events etc before but with things like the IGN app you can keep up to date with most things going on with consoles and kinda feel 'in the know' so to speak, and this is all through the console rather than having to go check your computer or whatever.

    Games wise i can only see a bright future, so many titles on the horizon i simply can't wait to get my hands on. The future is bright, not orange but definatly bright and the buzz is Glad to be a part of it.

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