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    Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars

    UPDATE: Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has unveiled Triad Wars, an online open-world action adventure game set in Hong Kong.
    The idea is you rise to power as a criminal kingpin of the Triad underworld. You manage your “Turf” as you recruit a gang, build and expand your empire. You need to battle other players' gangs along the way.
    There's the driving, shooting and close quarters combat of Sleeping Dogs, as well as a management system that involves recruiting, managing, and expanding your gang. But unlike Sleeping Dogs, it doesn't sound like there's much in the way of a story. And while free-to-play isn't mentioned, we get the feeling Triad Wars is veering in that direction.
    The video, below, shows snippets of gameplay.
    Triad Wars is due out early 2015. You can put your name down for the closed beta over atthe official website.

    ORIGINAL STORY: Triad Wars, the follow-up to open world crime adventure Sleeping Dogs, is a PC online game, its developer has revealed.

    Not, then, Sleeping Dogs 2. In a post on itswebsite, United Front Games said more will be revealed later today.
    Triad Wars was announced in October 2013, when UFG described it as "another game based in the Sleeping Dogs universe".
    Square Enix, which published Sleeping Dogs and next month's Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, is once again involved.

    Interesting. I'll register for the beta as i really enjoyed Sleeping Dogs. One of the best sandbox games I've played ina while. Just hope F2P doesn't equate to P2W as it often does.

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    I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs too but this isn't the follow-up that I was hoping for. At least the Definitive Edition is releasing next month so that more people can enjoy the original.
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    This is Nosgoth all over again. Good job Square.

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