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    PS2 black screen on start up/plays DVD but not PS1 games

    Hi all

    Bear with me, new to all this. I just got a PS2 on ebay but it doesnt seem to be working properly. I've tried 12 game disks (final fantasy 7 3 disk, 8 and 9s 4 disks and final fantasy 6 1 disk).

    When you turn the console on and go to browser you can check the memory cards or the game disk, well I can check the cards no problem but when you click the disk it just goes to a black screen and wont load any further than that.

    I tried some dvds and they all load straight away so I dont know, thought i might be the laser but if it was surely it wouldnt read DVDs either?

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

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    Did you buy an old "phat" ps2 or a slim one? This is important as the old style PS2 includes the PS1 hardware, meaning pretty much every ps1 game works. Some PS1 games don't work on a slim ps2 because sony changed how ps1 games play on it. However, it sounds like you have ps1 games compatible with a slim. It could be the laser, which is known to burn out easily. Also, I believe that a worn laser will fail to read ps1 cd's prior to dvds due to the lacquer on the bottom of the discs. You can try taking it apart and adjusting the potentiometer on the lens to a higher setting, making the power stronger. This more often then not just burns out the diode. You can search for replacement lasers online which are super cheap and take about 20 minutes to install. I'd recommend this. Google 'PS2 laser replacement' and get the laser which fits your ps2. Worst comes to worst, you can get a new ps2. Luckily they aren't too expensive anymore. Check around your local thrift places, you can probably find an old one for cheap, with cheap games as well

    Edit: I forgot to ask, is the console modified? If so, mods can mess with a lot of features if the previous user sacrificed them for the mod's sake. PS1 games might not run due to this. All PS2's have a plastic tape seal. If this seal is missing, it may be a clue that the system has been tampered with. A surefire way to know if the system has disc reading issues is to try a PS2 game on CD. A lot of early PS2 games were printed on CD due to cost issues with DVD in 2000 and 2001. The original Timesplitters and the original SSX are two common examples. Try one of these games, I'm sure you can find a copy on ebay for pennies (And they are both amazing, so get them regardless). If the game runs immediately, then the issue is mot likely not the laser. If your DVD drive has an issue, then you'll see the message "Disc Read Error" in the browser. Also, a disc read error will prevent the game from booting, you'll just see the startup menu with the options "Browser" and "System Information" perpetually.
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