Hello Survivors.

I want to inform you all about our community game streams for , which can be Grand Theft Auto V viewed on Twitch.tvhttp://twitch.tv/mmgdesignking

Watch our Survivor Sunday stream, where MmgDesignking and Ikandi play GTA V Multiplayer matches from 12PM PDT until 3PM each Sunday. During the stream, MMG and YMMG start out with public matches and invite members of the community to join in. Later, private matches are played to get more of the community involved.

In order to participate in our Survivor Sundays, add MMG_DESIGNKIN on PSN, send them a PSN message, or comment on this thread saying you want to play; before each stream, room will be made to accommodate players. We also have random giveaways for this events, either for participants or viewers of the stream.

You can follow us on twitter http://www.twitter.com/mmgdesignking. We provide updates about our shows there, and other gaming shenanigans.

Our goal for these streams is to bring the community together to have fun playing a great game. You don't have to be the best, or even need to own the game to enjoy the stream. Watching and interacting with others that enjoy the game is fun as well.

Hope to see you all there!