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    Has anyone tried PSNOW free yet?

    Just wonder who has tried it.

    Now that it's a subscription, although it's still expensive, I'm going to try it for a month.

    They are giving away a free week and you have to subscribe but you can cancel when the week is up and not be charged. So it is free for a week if you want it.

    So far I've tried uncharted and God of War ascension and uncharted was a bit choppy but gow played perfectly. I felt like I was playing the disc version.

    My friend who converted from Xbox is amazed, he's deep in some PS3 games he missed out on, but I've played mostly everything I wanted to already.

    So has anyone else tried it and what was your experience?

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    my experience was horrible. it wouldn't be so bad if the game wasn't already 30fps to begin with. it's lagfest everywhere.

    i could see this working for casual games or games where aiming isn't necessary and i see value in the concept from shareplay pov but as a legit rental service...i'm not interested after my trial. i stopped playing after 20 minutes.

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