Has anyone else in the UK ordered from http://www.gardens4you.co.uk in the past ? I would like to see other customers comments regarding their customer service and if their happy with their purchase.

I've recently ordered from them because i'm interested in gardening just like alan titchmarsh haha but particularly indoor plants. Now, if you have ordered from them in the past how was the condition of the plants when they arrived was they healthy? i do like to see the plants and pick them myself before buying because that way you know what you are getting but i thought i'll give them a go to see how it works out. I thought i'll at least give them a chance, i know it's risky but once they are here they are in my hands to care and watch them grow into a fully grown plant. The plants i have ordered are as follows:

Crassula Portulacea Gollum Jade

Dracaena fragrans Surprise

Aloe Variegated