Yes, their help was valuable. The moment we saw them, we were relived as we felt much safer while we traveled with them but subsequently felt helpless in their absence, forced to be alone. My favorite support characters are as follows:

Yoshi (Super Mario World)
No need for an introduction for his service and special abilities such as devouring almost anything in his way. Yoshi is a very likeable figure with which you immediately bind with. With his long tongue he can reach items Mario & Luigi cannot and feeds on berries as well as enemies. His big help doesn’t end here though. Depending on which Koopa shell he ate, he spit fire, flew and he also has many different colors and properties. His contribution was phenomenal.

Barry Burton(Resident Evil)
"Almost A Jill Sandwich" and "Ι have this".
Which lover of the genre will forget these lines…Barry Burton with his intimidating Magnum Revolver, saves Jill from the crushing wall when she removes the Shotgun from the wall hook in the next room and avoids replacing it with a Broken Shotgun (In the case that Jill has followed the correct path). Barry is a Deus Ex Machina in the first and third Resident Evil, but especially in the first given that he helps you (if you show your trust in him) in many ways. He gives you Acid Rounds, useful for the Snake boss, ammunition in the Stairwell safe room as well as a special scenario in which he burns down Plant 42 with a Flamethrower. He goes against Wesker in the good ending, while in general, being what you need, when you need it.

Hewie(Haunting Ground)
Oh yes, the favorite doggy Fiona finds and frees tied and beat up outside the Castle, returns later becoming inseparable friends. Hewie significantly helps the heroine with his attacks on enemies trying to catch her, as well as reach and grab items inaccessible to her. There is an increasing level of training, which when increased, Hewie expresses his love even more. Hewie is a type who will pounce at any danger to save you or to give you a chance to get away from your chasers.