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    Mario Maker coming in September and features online level sharing!

    From Polygon:

    Mario Maker, the do-it-yourself Mario level creation game, will arrive on Wii U in September, Nintendo revealed during a presentation today

    Nintendo revealed Mario Maker during E3 2014, though news of the game leaked out just ahead of its official debut. The game will let players on Wii U design their own 2D Mario game levels in the various styles from in the style of Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.


    Also confirmed in Nintendo Direct is that the game features online level sharing ala Little Big Planet.

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    I found out about this around the time of launch and I'm very impressed with Nintendo for doing this, I would have never expected them to come out with a game editor. The Wii U is an abysmal console and even the polite folk in the gaming scene are criticizing it. Really its just for a core group of enthusiasts and I haven't looked into anything from Nintendo in eons. There is not a single aspect or game that interests me in the slightest until SMM came on the floor and now this could be a game changer which boggles my mind!!

    I have a deep love of Super Mario World hacking and to see this is amazing, even though its by no means a total solution for SMW its something that can be a stand-alone tool to create levels where there are tons of sprites on the screen at once and mixing tilesets much more easily than Lunar Magic. Mixing mechanics in enemies and items is legit. Not to mention it would make building levels vastly easier and smoother without the infuriation. It looks extremely fun and one of the best game releases this year. I never thought in a million years I'd be looking into maybe getting a Wii U but damn, here I am thinking it just because of this and my dream since childhood being expanded officially by Nintendo. They are doing updates and new content releases too and that draws me into the idea further...if they ever have a huge update where SMW overworld editing somehow gets in the game where that can also be created easily I think I'd lose my mind and go and buy it all fairly quickly. If the Wii U was $70 I'd probably pull the trigger, SMM would have to get mind-blowingly awesome before I pay over $130 for the console. By default the PS4 was the obvious current generation console I'd own next (years in the future) but SMM may change all that.

    This should have been the fastest selling Wii U game ever, hopefully will gain millions more. It would be perfect if there was a Wii U bundle with SMM included.

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