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    PS3 games with online game saves?

    I currently own 2 PS3's, one in my living room, and one in my bedroom. I enjoy being able pick-up exactly where I left off when I move from one room to another. The 2 main games I play (GTA Online and FIFA Ultimate Team) save online on the game's servers, so its easy to move from one console to the other. Much to my delight, I recently discovered that Destiny does the same thing using Bungie's servers. So that leads me to my question...what other games do you know of that save online, rather than on the console itself?

    I should note that I am aware of Playstation's "cloud save" feature for PS Plus users, but I am not a PS Plus member, nor do I plan to be. (Pretty casual gamer...I sometimes go 1-2 months without turning on my consoles, so not really worth becoming a member for that 1 feature.) I'm really just interested in knowing what other games save on their own servers. Thanks!

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    I think dark souls has online saves. Not sure didn't play much of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramzzz999 View Post
    I think dark souls has online saves. Not sure didn't play much of it.
    Yeah, i thought Dark Souls had online saves. Who knows though.

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