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    Angry Ps button

    So I usually just press the PS button my the DS4 to turn on my PS4. However today it didn't work. It gave out a series of flashing white light on the back of the controller. I read that I was supposed to reset the control via the small reset hole button, which I tried but still not working... Anyone encountered similar trouble? Doest his mean my DS4 is $#@!ed or do I need to charge it for a few hours more. Right now it's connected to my PS4 and it's giving out slow pulsing orange lights, Probably means its charging.

    Anyone knows what I should do?

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    Can you not control anything with the DS4 when it's plugged into the PS4 via the USB cable? What you describe sounds kind of like what happens when the controller isn't synced to the console. My PS4 is unplugged right now and I get the white blinking light if I hit the PS button as it has nothing to connect to.

    However, when I plugged the PS4 back in, the DS4 turned it on and correctly synced to it without plugging it in. This kind of sounds like an issue that people had around launch, some had the issue with multiple controllers on the same console so it could be a console issue. Over on the official forums there's a thread that has numerous things to try, too many to single out here, so I'll just post the link to it.
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