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    PC Rebuild, soon or wait

    Greets all! I'm currently in a position where I absolutely "Want" to rebuild my pc(completely) but is not really a "Must" do for now. It's aging semi gracefully atm but I'm spending a lot of time on console atm, I go back and forth a couple months at a time. I also work a lot so I have less time to become upset at my aging pc lol. I AM at the point where I Know it needs to be done somewhat soon-ish. Is there anything in the semi immediate pipeline that might have me waiting a bit cpu/gpu wise? I have read a bit on the nvidia Pascal line but have not seen anything on timelines etc. It's funny, when I was a bit younger I would have gladly dropped 2K on a new build but now that I'm older and 2ishK is much easier on the pocket book I'm actually less inclined to just go do it haha. I can only guess that vehicles and houses, which then were nowhere in sight, are more in my thoughts than before. It's almost depressing =/ Thanks for any info!

    ohh! Has anybody here used/know anything about the NZXT Phantom 820 case? It looks great to me, I've read great reviews on it but also seen a few people saying it could have better air flow for such a large case.

    Edit: Wow, that's an old sig lol. Not using that PC haha.
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    Welcome back to the forums

    On the GPU front both Nvidia and AMD are to make the switch to HBM (High Bandwidth Memory). Both will leave GDDR memory behind rather soon-ish.

    AMD will be first to market with the first-gen iteration in the next couple of months (rumoured) and their flagship 390X will be the first card running HBM. The rest of the 3XX series will use GDDR memory modules.

    Nvidia are waiting for the second generation implementation and will be on the market next year

    That's about the only major factor i guess if you want to 'future proof' your PC a bit.

    The kinda redundant. Ant decent Multi-core CPU will stand the test for a while. I guess you can say the more cores you get with the CPU the longer it should last. Eurogamer did an article on the incoming DX12 API and it's a good read, and shows the potential for multicore systems:
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