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    Under the Dome (read the book, avoid the television show)

    I finished reading Under the Dome by Stephen King a week ago and was curious to see what the television show was like, so I watched some previews uploaded to the official Youtube page. I can't begin to express how disappointed I am that this raw and unapologetic 1000-page novel was rewritten to cater to CBS viewers. If you read the book, you would understand, so let me try to explain some things.

    First of all, one of the characters, Barbie, never appears outside of the Dome in the book. People standing on either side of the Dome can also still hear each other, so this made-for-television scene of Barbie "writing" on the Dome to try and warn Julia doesn't belong at all and it's a seemingly-small change with a huge effect: it means there's no conversations with Cox outside the Dome, no heartbreaking Visitor's Day, no Army private saving the "cow-boy" he talked to earlier in the story after the firestorm ravages the town and blackens the Dome.

    There was also never a deep, dark, bottomless cave to explore in the book. Characters like Phil "Chef" Bushey, who, in the book, was a drug-addicted, religious nut with his "God's Warrior"-engraved Kalashnikov hoarding all of the town's propane is not the same character in the television show. He doesn't even die the same way. Are you kidding me with this garbage?

    I like Stephen King as a writer. He knows how to write characters, illustrate scenes and keep you turning to the next page but seems to have no integrity when adapting his story for television viewers.
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    I never read the book but always expected it to be much better since it is quite short in comparison.
    The show has obvious filler scenes much like The Walking Dead.
    I'll keep watching for now even though it can be a bit mindless at times... I've seen worse shows.

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    Its one of those shows, that is just so nuts its fun to watch. If it took itself seriously I don't think I would bother, but its just so out there, I find myself enjoying it like watching a train wreck.

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