Hi Folks. So with this new PS Community feature I decided to make a Blood Bowl community entitled:

Blood Bowl 2 - UK Community. You can find it if you add me on PSN: M4jorCyn1k.

Hopefully some of you will want to join up and get some leagues going. Feel free to join the community and start making plans together. I'm hoping it should provide a easier way of reaching out to each other and get some mutual Blood Bowl action!
I called it UK but really anyone who can play around GMT time is more than welcome to join
Personally I'm just finishing up with campaign mode (4 matches to go) then I'll be committing to some League games. I'll be aiming for a few evenings during the week and then whatever time is free at weekends, most likely afternoon's and evenings.

I've prepared the tumbleweed in case this totally bombs on here, which I'm feeling is likely. Spoil yourselves at your pleasure