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    When we the Europeans can finally register our nicknames on PNP?

    Hello, what is going on with this thing? Is there a link so than I can go and create my own PS3 Network username using my PC ? I guess that there are other guys from Europe , as well, waiting to create their online account!!
    Please , give a link!!!!
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    Add me !

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    i am as well and so far Sony havn't released anything. I think its really annoying

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    They delayed it to a TBD date. So I guess we can only wait, and hope it will be available before the PS3 launches in March.

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    isn't it nice?

    probably the PlaystationNetwork/Internet-PC relation is making some problems - that would explain the weird setup for the PS1 emulation, too.
    Maybe there are a few security issues if the input doesn't come from a PS3..

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    My guess is the first week on january depending on how many units they get out to the US and Japan.

    No, I'm not basing that on anything... just a hunch.

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    I'd totaly forget it if I were you. You might end up disappointed.

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