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Thread: Mac or PC

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    Mac or PC

    I personaly hate macs I know they are much more stable and have less viruses then windows but they are incapable of anything, Half the things I would need wouldnt run on a mac and I don't want to get that virtual PC crap plus PC's are less expensive then macs which are over priced considering what they can do the only advantage to macs is the stable OS and the lack of viruses which is starting to change, the first trojan horse was made for mac soon more will start coming so in my opinion PC's are far better then macs

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    Im a PC guy myself, when Macs are capable of doing more things I'll look into them. My moms fiance loves Macs though, thats all he'll use.

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    You need to ask what the computer is going to be used for - if its for video/graphical editting then its without question that Macs are far superious - but generally for what most people use them for then PC's are usually better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rebonuk
    if its for video/graphical editting then its without question that Macs are far superious
    Indeed....I do alot of that (video/graphical editting), and i always use my mac for things like that, hence i voted for macs.
    Overall i would say i use my mac and pc about the same.

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    if you want to be pedantic then a mac is actually a pc as pc stands for personal computer and a mac can be a personal computer
    anyway Macs are actually a lot better but M$ has a monopoly with windows and so it gets all the compatibility and macs donít
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    I actually hate MACs, there more complicated then PCs are so I prefer PCs...

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    I was a Mac user at home from a very early age, but have also used Windows for nearly as long at school and now as my primary home OS.

    Macs are nice machines, but are limited by the software that is compatible with the Mac operating system. For playing games and running most average Joe software Windows is a better system, purely because it has more compatible Non-M$-developed software.

    Mac's have a nicer more stable operating system that has hardly any decent compatible software (my opinion). The built in software for Macs is pretty nice (itunes, Safari, iMovie), but its just a shame it lacks so much in the 3rd party software department.

    As for design I think Mac's clearly win. Think back 5 years when Apple released the iMac. It wasn't just some boring old PC, it was actually a pretty cool! It came in lot's of different colours and was a breath of fresh air for most computer users. It was also pretty smart because they fitted the computer hardware inside the monitor as well which was a really innovative thing to do.

    Nowadays Apple have done it again and have made the iMac G5 which is another piece of great engineering by Apple. See Below

    And other examples of Apple always being way ahead on the design side of things include the Ipod and the Ipod Mini, which are still without question the best MP3 players on the market, apart from some claims of faulty batteries. (which I personally have never experienced.)

    In summary both systems have their merits. PC's have tonnes of compatible software and are great for playing PC games on, but are very susceptible to spyware and virus's on the net.

    Mac's are great for Video editing and Apple is clearly a much more innovative company than Microsoft imo. It's just a shame they don't have a bigger market share because computers would be a lot more bright and cheerful if apple ever became market leader.

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    Macs look the best. Nice sleek designs i have a pb g4 12 inch but from experience i dont think i will buy 1 again.

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