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    TEKKEN DARK RESURRECTION out today in Japan 2000 yen

    Play station 3 download private software
    'Iron fist 5 DARK RESURRECTION'

    Sale day: 2006 December 27th (water)
    Manufacturer retail desired price: 2,000 Yen (including tax)
    Game genre: Opposition grapple action
    Play possible number of people: 1~2 person (online opposition failure)
    DL capacity: Approximately 800MB

    * Connected method to the network “of PLAYSTATIONŽ3”, “PLAYSTATIONŽNetwork” and “PLAYSTATIONŽ Store”, and in regard to the download sale of PS3 'iron fist 5 DARK RESURRECTION', to the corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmentoinhuomeshiyonsenta] way please inquire.

    Damn that was fast I wonder when its coming out in the USA, and How much is 2,000 Yen ?

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    I don't see why you needed to post it twice.

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