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    click and black hawk down are the first two 50gb (dual layer) BD movies...
    I wonder what other dual layer BD Roms are out already...
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    Quote Originally Posted by knowitman View Post
    At the local Circuit City there are a couple of TVs set up with a Blu-ray demo disk running which shows what Blu-ray can do and how it is differen't then DVD. At one point in the demo, half the screen is at Blu-ray quality while the other half is at DVD quality. It plays the same scene at the same time, and you can tell a BIG difference.
    Yea I saw that to! It was pretty cool to see the distinctions between each. Definitely gives you a big clue on why the Blu-Ray format is so great. BTW has anyone seen anything really concerning HD-DVD? I have yet too see any displays in stores or that many movie titles on shelves for that matter. I'm not trying to turn this into a flame post but just wondering about how the competition is fairing cuz to me I definitely see Blu-Ray being pushed alot more.

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    that's awesome. I had no idea there were that many Blu Ray movies out there. But the end of next year there should be at least a 1000 movie available for blu ray...

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    I have moved this to the Technology section.

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    Has anyone noticed a quality change with the release of 50gb Blu-Rays firsthand?

    Is that going to be the max number of layers for movies now, or will players accept 4-8 layer discs?

    I've seen the demo disk, and I can honestly say that compression artifacts were visible, but this could be just on the demo disk and not feature length movies...

    Saw a dinasaur cartoon movie playing at B.B. and it looked superb (dunno the name).
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    Superman Returns is at the top of the list? I'm surprised, I heard it wasn't very good from several people. I haven't seen it myself, nor do I want to, but I didn't know it was so well-received.
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    Well the picture quality from what i hear is ok but the movie itself was good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HellsJester View Post
    Thanks for the list.
    I wonder how the Fifth Element looks in HD.
    Glad it got # 2.
    I got it last night, I'll let you know tomorrow!

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    yay sonys shovalin in thoughs movies!!! lol

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    I prolly wont get a blu-ray movie until 1) I get a hdtv haha and 2) when they release the bourne series (bourne Identity and supremecy).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ff81 View Post
    with House of Flying Daggers coming in at a close second.
    That's so true... Oh, MAN, House of Flying Daggers looked so ugly on bluray... So much artifacting... And that's what Sams club had showing off the machine... It was really embarassing... It's almost like they were payed off by microsoft...

    Kidding, don't kill me!

    It was universal that payed them off.
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