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    I wouldn't call it a huge success considering that all it takes to join is about 5 minutes of your time.

    I like Playstation Network, but it is very basic. I really hope that they upgrade it in the next big firmware update in March.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikleran View Post
    You do realise at this point last year Microsoft had 50% of users on Xbox Live?

    It's a good achievement but it's not a 'Huge Sucess' when it's a free feature that anyone with Broadband and common sense should be using. I'm surprised it's only 25% TBH.

    oh please mr give me this proof

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
    oh please mr give me this proof
    Leave it, he's just bitter!

    I think 25% is really good, and it will only get better. Let's not forget that Microsoft had live long before SONY had PSN, so they are bound to have more users ready to sign up. All this "when it's a free feature" crap is pointless talk, because Xbox Live is also free unless you want to play games. With a better pedigree, and a free services, I'd have expected more than 50% of users to be on Live at that point, but there you go...

    When PSN has had time to mature and get more features and bugs ironed out, there is no reason why it can't be every bit as successful as Microsofts service. However, the success of on-line is by no means a measure of a consoles success given that the majority of people don't even bother to play on-line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captainnippon View Post

    And lastly, announcements were also made on the PlayStation network. It was recorded that the Net community was standing at 500,000 members since launch day, with 300,000 having already downloaded the Gran Turismo HD Concept demo.
    that's quarter of the people that owe a PS 3. and over 10% of the people download GT HD...

    Hmm... I've downloaded the same copy about 10 times.. so.. i wonder how accurate those figures are? I'm sure some users have done the same thing.
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    Very good numbers for Sony and It's to be expected dispite what that pet troll thinks.

    The numbers will grow and grow with the launch of the PS3 in other teritories, thats a fact that alot of people seem to be missing.

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    That number will explode come March...

    I hope they their servers are prepared...

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    I'm not sure why people are comparing it to Xbox Live, this thread isnt a PSN vs XBL thread, it is stating that the starter of the thread thought it a HUGE SUCCESS. As it happens, I agree
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