So, I tried to update the popsloader using the instructions on the previous page, using the 3.71 firmware, I did everything it said, but the 4 things I copied over don't show up in my plugins page on the R trigger menu... Not sure why... I've had this problem before. It's common for plugins I'm downloading to just not be listed in the plugins page. Any clue about how to fix this? There are also 3 potential plugins folders I know about, and I've copied the files into ALL 3, and still don't have anything.

I'm running out of ideas here.

EDIT: Ok, so I had missed the original "popsloader" file. I put that in there, and IT showed up in the plugin folder.

Then I tried to open a PS1 game. I set it to 3.41 (the one I'd put in there) and Now it won't load AT ALL... Before it got to the PS logo. Now it crashes and the only way to turn it off is to remove the battery... Yeah...

I tried another game, this time set it to "original flash" or whatever, and it is just like it was before... And neither one let me change it once it's set.