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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylar View Post
    I don't know if this has been posted before bt incase it hasn't...

    definitely made me laugh!
    Wasn't there a rumour about Rock vs Brock but HHH wasn't gonna have any of it when Vinnie mac wanted it to happen @WM31!! also there was speculation about Roman Reigns v Brock but now will be out of action an may miss WM so goes with saying this clip hints Rock v HHH instead with no meaning just there for ratings....... who the hell is going for brock now? he suppose to be losing the title at maina but there's no opponent for him!! unless Ambrose or Rollins be on the cards.

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    These are epic!

    Thanks to Final for the sick sig!

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    See! I told you guys I wasn't nuts. Even J.R sees this nonsense going on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Good Ole J.R
    On mid-card champions losing: “Again the IC and the US Title holders lost on the WWE’s franchise broadcast which is a head scratcher especially as it downgrades their top two, regularly seen titles notwithstanding it does then on televised live events no favors. As I’ve mentioned on the Ross Report Podcast it seems as if holding the IC and US titles is a curse to the titleholders. I can’t explain this particular creative. Hopefully it will change sooner than later. Having meaningless titles is illogical.”
    Off of PWS

    It's a crying shame what the WWE has done to all their titles from the World to the Tag straps. Just doesn't make any sense to have your champs losing unless it is a tag match where they aren't directly pinned. They continue to piss on the legacy these titles once held. Glad I'm not a Warren Buffet and bought the WWE. Every member of creative would get a swift hand and letter.

    And don't get me started on the CHAMPION not being on TV. Most know I love Brock Lesnar, but that is absurd that the champion has dates that he'll be on TV. You're the damn champion! It's like WWE just said "Eff it, we don't care" anymore. Wow! Haha

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