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    Quote Originally Posted by nextgen3 View Post
    John Cena, Brock lesnar, HHH, SCSA, The rock, I can go on if you want me to :P well it shows all you have to do is basics look at them all been WWE champion plus brock doesn't have mic skill or anymore than 5 moves, logic easy come easy go its called entertainment lol not wrestling anymore that's the flip side of it anything Cena can do then anyone else can do the same but different, oh well.

    an before you judge those who were eliminated they are booked in matched after RR anyway! so thats why they were the reason they got eliminated like I said in previous post. an stop going on about Ziggler ppl he will never be WWE champion.

    The ending to the RR sucked yes but what can you do the Authority wanted one of theres to win it, oh well storyline sucks writers suck, so does Big show & Kane. lets see what Roman can do! the spotlight is on him if hes not up to it then itll change still time to do it.

    Believe that!

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    Summed it up perfectly, Justin.

    Even Dean Ambrose would've been a better shout - he's got some hard-to-pin-down quality that makes him more appealing than the banality of Reigns.

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    Brock had more than 4 moves back when he was 23 fighting Kurt Angle. Now he's an old man that just suplexes people out of the building. What a beast! lol

    I wish I got paid to make up nonsense like the WWE Creative team. They need to unify the Intercontinental and U.S straps. It's just a travesty looking at the russian carrying a paperweight when he's supposed to be a big deal. lol, my God I can't see how folks still watch this consistently. I would get depressed. lol

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