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    Quote Originally Posted by Firewarrior View Post
    No problemo. I hope it's much more easier now.
    Actually the original post is still correct because embedding just got removed for some reason. And youtube is not the only video site in this world.

    What if I want to embed Vimeo, or video from Playstation Blog? I hope it gets fixed but it already feels like it won't get fixed ever because the staff don't reply to this issue at all in the other threads I make.

    The staff should least tell us if they are working on the issue or have given up on embedding.

    edit: So I told Comatosed about it, we should be knowing if there is a solution at all soon.

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    ohh so thats how you do ya chief!

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    My accout youtube often die when update some video. I don't know cause when youtube delete my account. Although, my video is myself when update to my computer.

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