Post: Peter Moore Says 360 Failure Rates a 'Moving Target'
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Are you upset because;

A: you have been burned with an Xbox360 failing? or

B: just trying to drag this into an 'Xbox360 sux" spiel.

B? Yeh I thought so.

No seriously I can't even be bothered rationalising this with you. I work in retail, I sell game consoles, I see units go out, I see how many come back, I sell consoles to average consumers every day. I don't need to hear you go on an an anti-Xbox360 rant to tell me what the 'average' consumer knows about Xbox360 or game consoles in general.
How about C, Driving home the issue that partaking in ANYTHING Xbox related at this point in time is industry suicide. And damaging the future of digital distribution.

It's not just an Xbox sucks rant, it's a venting frustration at how stupid the Xbox community is as a whole. Yes, collectively you are all retards (waits for the temp ban for that one). When you truely care you don't beat around the bush, and that's what I'm doing, giving a dose of reality. It's why I'm so hated because the truth as an Xbox supporter right now sucks just as bad as sales numbers to the average PS3 fan.

Why else would you all defend this company who's done nothing but pissed down your back and told you it's raining? And I'm only talking about the gaming division.

Even on the malfunction issue, they won't give a straight answer, they don't even seem all that concerned about solving the issue, because they make to much money.

There is no "rationalizing" because there's nothing to rationalize. Everything about the Xbox 360 is completely irrational. From it's bubble-gum and paperclip construction, to it's blissfully, intentionally stupid supporters, and yes, there are MANY similarities between a Bush apologist and an Xbox purveyor.

I'm really looking forward to the next MS console, it might actually be worth buying then, but the 360? I'd rather have nails hammered through my $#@!, then bother with 90% of the BS just to enjoy a few exclusive games.

**** it, go buy your Xbox's, and slit your own throats.