i ALWAYS get disconnected from online games for no reason, i don't understand why because i have a very good high-speed internet connexion (500kb/s download, 80kb/s upload). I tryed it with a lot of different games, and i always have the same poblem..

I tryed all solutions i came across and it still doesn't work. Yes, i have set up a static IP in the DMZ for my ps3 and forwarded all the ports correctly.

when i get disconnected, my computer stays online without getting disconnected, so it's not my whole internet that crashes, i just get kicked out of the game i am playing

- i use wired connection with ethernet cable, NOT WIFI

- i tryed to desactivate the ps3 media server, it seems to help but i still keep getting disconnected

- when i do the network test on playstation, i get "Type 2 NAT"

- i don't have this problem when playing games on my PC

- my playstation3 is brand new (bought it less than a month ago) just like my ethernet cable.

I use a router (D-LINK DI-624) but even if i plug my ethernet cable right in the modem without using my router i have the same problems

No, i never download anything at the same time when i'm playing on my PS3

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, i'm desperate and i think i'm just going to stop playing online games

Note : I wanted to start my own topic but i don't feel like posting 50 posts only to get help so i'm posting here.