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    New system (console? i don't know) from In2Games

    I gues IMAC has invested $15 million to finance In2Game's release of this "Gametrack Fusion" system (which i'm guessing is a new video game console- the article is a little vague). It sounds like it was really just inspired by the success of the wii. There's not much detail as to what it will do and such, but here's the article-

    Financing to fund launch of Gametrak Fusion system

    Ingenious Media Active Capital has announced that it has invested USD 15 million (EUR 11 million, GBP 7.76 million) in In2Games Limited.
    In2Games is best known for producing the Gametrak controller, which players operate by wearing special gloves, and associated title Real World Golf. The company has also developed a wireless motion controller for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Named Gametrak Fusion, in can track the position and movement of up to four players at a time.
    The IMAC investment will be used to launch and support Gametrak Fusion, as well as helping In2Games to broaden its product offerings.
    "We believe there is a really exciting opportunity ahead for In2Games to capitalise on key drivers of change in the videogames market as they continue to roll out innovative hardware combined with great software," said IMAC director Patrick McKenna.
    "In Gametrak Fusion, In2Games has created the definitive motion gaming platform for the next generation of games consoles and I look forward to this product driving the company into a period of rapid growth."

    could shake things up a bit i guess...
    ....not that much though

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    I wonder how much the console will be at launch , when it will come and how many total games will be on it in its first year, because it doesnt matter how cheap the system is if they dont pump out stellar game after game they wont last at all in the console war.

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    It don't sound like they're making a console it just sounds like they're getting more money to produce more better things for 360,ps3,and pc. But maybe they are making a new system, no one knows but them.
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    Hmmm, I don't know. I mean not made by the big name companies, well then again the PC business began in garages of nerds, so, ya know, anything can happen.
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    The thing looks awful... i dont know if people will buy it... unless its called "igame"
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    The design looks pretty srange but who knows, it could turn out to be something pretty neat.

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    to me it sound like another phantom

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    I hope it will own all the consoles when they make this console ^^

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