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    Microsoft E3 Rumors!

    Xbox 360 and Microsoft Rumours for E3'07:

    - Microsoft start first at 6.30pm GMT+0:00. (Fact)

    - New Crimson Skies game to be announced.

    - Bungie working on new title/series not related to anything in the Halo/Marathon Universe.

    - Microsoft have bought the Star Wars Battlefront 3 rights. Trailer/Demo to be shown.

    - Rare to show off Banjo Kazooie 3 (Banjo-Theerie).

    - Rare to announce 2 new games.

    - Rare to announce Kameo 2.

    - Lionhead Studios show more of Fable 2.

    - Microsoft to fund a new game based on Jason Bourne. It'll be based on the books and not the film with Matt Damon.

    - Team Ninja to show off Ninja Gaiden 2. Labeled 360 Exclusive.

    - Apparently there's news of a MGS Game for the 360. May or may not be the 4th Installment.

    - Dead Rising 2 to be shown. May not be ready.

    No single player demonstration of Halo 3?

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    old i think someone posted this like couple days ago or last week

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    This was all debunked....especially the MGS rumor.

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    As stated, already posted.

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