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    Already signed up to get a PS3 on the cheap

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    Re: Already signed up to get a PS3 on the cheap

    Quote Originally Posted by PS3NOW
    I signed up for a free playstation 3 at This way I will be done with the simple requirements by the time that it comes out. I have done other gift programs with them and it works. It is not like the 3 step sites where it is impossible to get the last step. You just need to refer a small number of friends depending on the item. To be sure of the validity, here are reports by major news organizations:,2125,64614,00.html
    there are articles written by the ny times, but you need a subscription as well as a report by NPR.
    I am also doing the programs for:
    a laptop
    flat panel monitor
    ipod nano
    everyone knows about this and most of the time it doesnt work, however there is one case where i heard of a person who heard that his friend had got an xbox360. But i dun suggest it, waste of time and money which u culd earn with a job.

    PS: Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban Kill Ban

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