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    Do you really need HD?

    Xbox 360 seems like a great system and the grphics are good but there is one question that still wakes me up at night. Do I really need HD to see the great graphics and textures the system can put out? I dont know if it is just me but I cannot afford to buy and Xbox 360 and an hdtv both at the same time. If you have played Xbox 360 on a regular or hdtv please share your thoughts.

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    I have played them both and can safely say two things that you've heard a million times before.

    1. The graphics can still be impressive without an HDTV.

    2. There is a noticable different with an HDTV though. Everything is so sharp and crisp, you can actually see farther and get better headshots in PDZ because a guys head from 500 feet away still looks nice and round and not a dark smudge of pixels. All of the textures pop right off the screen they look so much better in 720p.

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    I've seen alot of examples of 360 games on standard and HDTV's. Both look amazing, HDTV is just a bit sharper, and crisp. It's really the same as say watching cable tv....just hdtv comes out looking a bit more clear.

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    As of right now we don't need HD to enjoy the games looks. but soon in the future we should go for it.

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    And all the HDTVs that support true 720p are at least 1,200 dollars right now, from what i've seen. 1200+ for a TV set is just too much, regardless.

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