Well, yesterday I have changed my Internet service provider from Rogers to acompany called Start Communications. My download speed it suppose to be 45 download and UPLOAD 4. I did the test and my download speed was 60 and upload was 3.7 which were good. And now, its compeletly terrible. My download speed goes up to max 11 and upload between 1 or 3.5. Iam using an old wirless router called D LINK WBR 1310 G as I had to buy it when I got my PS3. This could be the issue? Because when I don't use the net for 20 minutes my PC gets disconnected and I have to turn the router off and wait for 3 minutes and than turn it on again and I get back to the net. And also I did the test by using the modem only which is wired and the speed were the same. Iam thinking to get the ASUS router wirless model Asus RT-AC66U. What do you guys think? Should I wait until I get my new wireless router and try it again? Or should I call the company and ask for help? Thanks for any help.