My 360 would not read any type of disc whether it be a game, DVD or CD. So I called Microsoft to send in for repairs, paid my $110 fee. Then 2 weeks later i got email stating that i hadn't sent the prepaid box back to them but i had not received it. So, I called them the next day and was on the phone for nearly 45 minutes to find out i had to cancel the order and then call back in a half hour to create another order. I don't really want to call again because I would like to have my 360 repaired before halo 3 is released.

So, my question is could I have a friend who has a EB Games warranty for his 360 and give him money to renew his warranty again ? Or would they make sure it was the exact console that he had taken the warranty on.

Another option i was thinking of doing was buying a system from Walmart or costco/sams culb and taking out the new system and putting my broken one in it and then returning it !

Any advise appreciated !