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    John Lewis price match - how does it work?

    What kind of proof do you have to give your local John Lewis that another shop is selling it for less? And do they only price match shops that are in your town, or other towns as well? Can you call John Lewis and get them to price match, or do you have to go in the shop?
    So how exactly does the process of price matching work for John Lewis?
    Oh and do they price match with internet sites?

    Im asking this in the Technology section because I want to buy a HDTV at John Lewis and people the people likely to know about this will be lingering around here!

    Any help would be really really really greatly appreciated!!

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    Personally i would just take prices from a website with me. I went to Curry's for my TV and they did a price match for me.

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    hey man i may have some advice for you here!

    i presume you want one from john lewis because of the 5 year warranty they give (awesome btw). i am also planning to do the same and get a TV from there once the new john lewis opens in my home town in Cambridge (which will be the biggest store in the UK so im told).

    anywho, i have been told by very reliable sources that as long as you take in some kind of proof of another store selling the same TV at a cheaper price you should be away.

    HOWEVER, this does not include offers online OR promotional offers that another store has at that particular time. the way i would go about it is to have some kind of proof, aka, a print off from another stores computer system of a particular TV at a particular price, or some kind of photographic evidence.

    hope this helps.
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