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    Signature just wont appear :(

    Hi guys

    I couldnt find a help and support section so I thought I'd post the following here - hope it aint a prob

    For love or money, I just cant get the signature to appear!

    I've tried short and large sigs - and checked the options in my profile a lot but to no avail. I always have the Attach Signature option ticked when posting so i'm wondering why it doesnt appear - when i see other people's sigs about.

    Just so you know, I help mod a popular education website in the UK so i'm by no way a "noob" to forums.

    ...unless I've been blind while visiting this one lol

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

    Nathan H. - ICT Messaging & Security Development Officer @ CCC [gov]
    Member number: 390 [on thread] of the [email protected] PS3Forums team

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    You must buy signature privilages in the Shop using the Skill Points you earn from eazch post.

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