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    Play Games Online GTA: Liberty City Stories PSP

    hi, guys, iv just got GTA: Liberty City Stories for psp. if you wanna play this online with me give me a PM, and we can have a good game,

    i have already 1 players total, me ,
    lookin for 5 more would,
    this thread should be for the GTA: Liberty City Stories psp community,

    game handle is = Sin

    will play from the start cuz im noob,
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    what? gta:lcs is not online.
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    GTA: LCS is AD-HOC mode only. Not Infrastructure mode

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    isnt their a program to trick the psp to thinking ad-hoc is infastructure, if so what is it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishot2pac
    isnt their a program to trick the psp to thinking ad-hoc is infastructure, if so what is it
    I just tried it out last night, but I haven't been able to get it completely working. So don't ask me how to get it running.
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    No have a look in the GTA: LCS thread in the PSP section, they got a link to a programme that does exactly that.

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    Resistance: Retribution

    Updated gamepage with release window via Gamespot.
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