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Crash Commando, a PS3 title exclusively for download on PlayStation Network, is a side scrolling multiplayer shooter game pitting two arch-enemy commando factions - the Grunts and the Jarheads - against each other in an all-out fight for world supremacy. Developed by EPOS Game Studios, Crash Commando is a fast-paced, humorous multiplayer game with over-the-top, slap-stick action that features exaggerated gore and effects. Combining the thrill of frenzied multiplayer combat with the straightforward nature of a classic side-scrolling platform title, Crash Commando is accessible to all players and it is the perfect combination of modern, sophisticated technology and traditional gameplay values.

Game Crash Commando Players 1-7
Genre Shooter - Scrolling Online Players 2-12
Publisher SCE Developer EPOS Game Studios
Release Date 18 December 2008 Rating T [Teen]
Release Date UK 18 December 2008 PSU Rating 8.5 Read Review
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