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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 combines the devastating power of the Mobile Suit, the rich legacy of the Gundam universe and the furious Tactical Action game play of the Dynasty Warriors series. The game will thrust players into incredible battles against legions of enemy Mobile Suits on distant planetary surfaces and in the far reaches of outer space. For the first time, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 will let players engage in melee battles against colossal enemies such as the Psycho Gundam. The massive Psycho Gundam can quickly reconfigure their bodies into titanic mobile fortresses which can move with remarkable speed. However, highly-trained pilots can utilize their own Mobile Suit’s speed, agility, and of course firepower to defeat these deadly juggernauts.

Game Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Players 1
Genre Action - Mech Combat Online Players
Publisher KOEI Developer Omega Force
Release Date 24 March 2009 Rating T [Teen]
Release Date UK 27 March 2009 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PS2
Additional Information
Also available on Xbox 360 and PS3