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Ridge Racer Unbounded


The popular racing franchise takes a hard swerve in a unique direction with Ridge Racer Unbounded, adding a punishing dose of destruction to the familiar arcade gameplay. Get ready to take the action off the circuits and into the streets for one of the most action-packed and destructive racing games ever seen. Players will careen through the competition using their four-wheeled street-racing thoroughbreds as high-octane wrecking machines with a new mantra -- Drive, Destroy, Dominate.

Game Ridge Racer Unbounded Players 1-2
Genre Online Players TBA
Publisher Namco Bandai Developer BugBear Entertainment
Release Date March 2012 Rating RP [Rating Pending]
Release Date UK 30 March 2012 PSU Rating 8.5 Read Review
  • PS3
Additional Information
Also available on PC and Xbox 360.

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