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Alien Zombie Mega Death


A Space man has been killing Alien Zombies for what seems like an eternity. Why? Because when Alien Zombies are stalking the depths of space, there's only one thing to do with these undead creatures: bring death to them with an array of scum-obliterating weapons. In the HD sequel to the hit shoot-em-up, it's not only blasting you'll be doing. Oh no. There's bombs to defuse. Space babies to rescue. Jet packs for flying silliness. But still... lots of blasting. LOTS. Alien Zombie Mega Death spreads its unique style of carnage and action out over 70 levels. combining both one shot adventure levels and to-the-death survival modes. All flavors of violent blasting catered for, and all dressed up in traditional PomPom silliness.

Game Alien Zombie Mega Death Players 1-2
Genre Shooter Online Players 1-2
Publisher PomPom Games Developer PomPom Games
Release Date 21 June 2011 Rating RP [Rating Pending]
Release Date UK 21 June 2011 PSU Rating Not reviewed
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