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Resistance: Fall of Man


During the mid 1930s the world began to hear stories of biological experiments in Russia. At first, a few people went missing, then small villages, and finally entire cities. By 1940 Russia was completely in the dark. The world had feared that the Russians had created a terrible biological weapon, but the truth was far worse. Years later a race emerged from Russia known only as the Chimera, and within weeks conquered all of Europe, leaving the British Isles the solitary human controlled European stronghold. But before too long, the Chimera tunneled under the English Channel. Though the British fought hard, it wasn't long before the battle was lost. The British and Americans are getting ready to launch a counter-assault, and you, Nathan Hale, are at the forefront.

Game Resistance: Fall of Man Players 1-4
Genre Shooter - Horror Online Players 2-32
Publisher SCEA Developer Insomniac Games
Release Date 17 November 2006 Rating M [Mature]
Release Date UK 23 March 2007 PSU Rating 9.0 Read Review
  • PS3
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Only on PS3

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