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Crash Nitro Kart


Crash Nitro Kart plays much like its predecessor, Crash Team Racing. The player races against other characters, which can be computer controlled or controlled by other players. Crates are placed throughout the tracks, which, when broken, grant power-ups. Collecting ten Wumpa Fruit from special crates improves the effect of any power-up. Many of the tracks contain obstacles, which, if not avoided, will cause the racer to come to a complete stop briefly. New to this game is the Team Frenzy Mode, which allows players to race as part of a team. A victory by any one team member counts as a victory for the team. Additionally, getting close to a team member during a race grants unlimited weapons for a short time.

Game Crash Nitro Kart Players 1
Genre Driving - Kart Racing Online Players
Publisher Universal Interactive Developer Vicarious Visions
Release Date 11 November 2003 Rating E [Everyone]
Release Date UK PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PS2